World Health Day on April 7 celebrates and advocates for health globally. For World Health Day 2022, the World Health Organization is highlighting Our Health, Our Planet and health as a human right.

For The Task Force’s World Health Day photo contest, we asked you to show us how and why you care about these themes. The photographs featured here are those that most illustrated Our Health, Our Planet.

Photo credit: Moses Paul Mahalila

Disease surveillance activities in Mwanza, Tanzania for control and elimination of a neglected tropical disease spread by snails in bodies of water and affecting the liver, bladder, and other internal organs of an infected person.


Together, come rain or come shine

Photo credit: Dmitrii Vosimeric

During the COVID-19 pandemic in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, physical barriers might separate this husband and wife, but they are united by the ideal they have chosen to serve – citizens’ safety. She is a physician. He is a soldier. Husband and wife. Each is fighting the pandemic on a different “front”.

2nd Place

Morbidity Management

Photo credit: Marcus Perkins

A person affected by lymphedema in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso has her leg washed to combat acute attacks and skin infections. A disease called lymphatic filariasis caused by microscopic, threadlike worms that are spread by mosquito bites can lead to lymphedema – swelling of the lymphatic system and legs. With regular washing between the skin folds, people affected by lymphedema can ease extreme discomfort and disability.

3rd Place

Surveillance on Shoulders

Photo credit: Ananda Bandyopadhyay

Volunteers in Karimganj, India carry a child affected with acute flaccid paralysis caused by poliovirus infection to the nearest health facility for examination and stool collection. In many communities, people have to rely on volunteers and family members to make the long journeys to access necessary health services.

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