Why We Beat NTDs: Celebrating World NTD Day

January 30 is World NTD Day and World Leprosy Day so this issue of Dispatches reports on neglected tropical diseases and delves into the differences between controlling, eliminating, and eradicating these diseases; shares results from the first potential treatment for lymphedema; and highlights the role of compassionate leadership in NTD programs.

Since the earliest days of The Task Force, we have worked to beat NTDs, starting with the world’s first NTD drug donation program, the Mectizan® Donation Program which is housed at The Task Force and is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2022. NTDs and the one billion people they impact are a core part of The Task Force’s focus.

In the video above, members of the NTD community share why they work to #beatNTDs. Hearing their passion and commitment to a world where all people can achieve their potential and no one suffers from these unnecessary diseases is a powerful reminder: we work to beat NTDs because the neglect can be ended.

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