Task Force Co-Founder Dr. Bill Foege’s Remarks at the World Health Summit

Dr. Bill Foege, Co-Founder of The Task Force for Global Health and the strategist behind smallpox eradication, shared global health insights at the World Health Summit in Berlin on October 16. The annual World Health Summit convenes global leaders working in politics, science, the private sector, and civil society to set the agenda for a healthier future by inspiring innovative solutions for better health and well-being for all. This year’s theme was “A Defining Year for Global Health Action,”as the event celebrated WHO’s 75th anniversary.

Dr. Bill Foege shared a thought-provoking video statement on the lessons learned from the successful smallpox initiative that can be applied to present and future global health challenges. The video aired during the smallpox segment in the “Defining historical moments” panel discussion. 

Watch Dr. Foege’s remarks below.

Watch the “World Health Organization: 75 Years of Striving for Health for All” event below.

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