Steps to Protect Virtual Run/Walk Crosses the Finish Line

The Task Force community stepped up to support health and racial equity.

From Seattle, Washington to Washington, DC, 112 participants joined The Task Force for its first-ever virtual run/walk, Steps to Protect, which began August 1 and ended Wednesday, August 19 – World Humanitarian Day. To promote racial and health equity, participants collectively covered nearly 2000 miles and raised $6728 for Black Lives Matter and the Clarkston Community Health Center.

Clarkston Community Health Center provides a medical home to the uninsured and underserved residents of Clarkston and surrounding communities in Atlanta, Georgia and has provided key services during COVID-19.

“We are humbled and grateful to be a beneficiary of Steps to Protect,” said Gulshan Harjee, MD, CMO & co-founder of the Clarkston Community Health Center. “It clearly tells us that The Task Force for Global Health sees the relevancy of our work and the impact our 400 volunteers make in the healthcare of a community that would otherwise have none.”

Steps to Protect top fundraiser Cara Tupps raised $665. 

I am happy to support causes that lift up the voices and meet the needs of people who are otherwise ignored by our society,” said Tupps, who works in The Task Force’s Children Without Worms program. “ We should put our money where our mouth is to express that we value services and systems which meet the needs of all people. I committed to running one mile per $20 donated, and a lot of my friends and family decided to push my COVID-couch-potato self to the limit. I should’ve seen that coming, but I’m still very grateful!

Black Lives Matter and Clarkston Community Health Center were chosen as the receiving organizations by Task Force employees as they align with the organization’s core values of health equity and social justice.

“It is inspiring to see how this unprecedented and trying time has galvanized people to put actions behind words and come together for the betterment of humanity, while physically being apart,” said participant and Task Force President and CEO, Dave Ross, who walked 65 miles. “With the deepest respect and gratitude, we congratulate and thank each and every one of you who donated, walked and ran with us for health equity and social justice for all.”

Top finishers were Sarah Boyd, 117.4 miles, Jerry Kosoff, 101 miles, and Yen Kim, 100 miles. Top fundraisers were Tupps, Ashli Owen-Smith, $425, and Tonya Duhart, $330.

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