2017 Progress Report

Our ability to catalyze collective action helped make 2017 another breakthrough year for The Task Force. We helped the world reach the ‘last mile’ of polio eradication. We supported treatment for hundreds of millions of people for neglected tropical diseases. And we made progress in brokering a new way for U.S. public health to know about disease outbreaks. Our progress report showcases some of this work and how we’re doing it.  Read the full letter from our CEO

On a cool October day in a village high up in the mountainous reaches of northern Pakistan, men, women, and children gathered to take a drug that can save their sight. It’s the first mass drug administration (MDA) for trachoma in a country where the bacterial eye disease is the leading infectious cause of blindness. More

It’s a cold January morning, but the conversation is heating up in a conference room at The Task Force for Global Health where the Digital Bridge governance body has gathered. To reaffirm their commitment to the project’s mission, members stand in a semicircle facing a bare whiteboard and answer a single question: The Digital Bridge will enable me to…? Slowly, each member writes on sticky notes and places their feedback on the wall according to their areas of expertise. More

In 2017, The Task Force for Global Health and its programs continued to drive health improvements around the world. Use our interactive map to see highlights. More

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