PRESS RELEASE: Task Force for Global Health Launches Digital Gallery featuring Founder Dr. Bill Foege and others

May 9, 2023, Atlanta, GA – The Task Force for Global Health today launched its annual report, a digital global health gallery that goes beyond the traditional approach by offering visitors a self-directed journey through the past, present and future of global health while showcasing key initiatives and people around the world. 

“Inside the Global Health Gallery” features Dr. Bill Foege, Task Force Co-Founder, and other health experts working to save and improve lives in the more than 150 countries where The Task Force works.

“With the losses and lessons of COVID still fresh, and with an eye toward a more equitable future, this gallery asks: What have we learned? What’s around the corner? What new discoveries will improve lives for future generations?” said Dr. Patrick O’Carroll, President and CEO of The Task Force. “The global health gallery provides some answers and introduces you to people who are playing a key role in eliminating diseases, strengthening health systems, and ensuring access to vaccines and essential medicines.”

Gallery highlights include:

  • A progressive timeline of global health history alongside The Task Force’s efforts from its nearly 40 years of service
  • Portraits from the global health cadre working to save and improve lives in Colombia, Bangladesh, Yemen, the U.S., and countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere
  • Contributions to global policymaking activities through the World Health Organization and United Nations 
  • An interactive map detailing the work of The Task Force’s 17 programs in more than 150 countries 
  • A virtual gift shop with opportunities to learn more and get involved 

About The Task Force for Global Health

The Task Force for Global Health, founded nearly 40 years ago to advance health equity, works with partners in more than 150 countries to eliminate diseases, ensure access to vaccines and essential medicines, and strengthen health systems to protect populations. Expertise includes neglected tropical diseases and other infectious diseases; vaccine safety, distribution and access; and health systems strengthening, including supply chains for essential medicines, public health informatics for data to inform programs and policies, and training and support for epidemiologists and laboratorians to prevent and respond to outbreaks. COVID-19 activities included helping more than 30 low- and middle-income countries roll out vaccines; informing vaccine safety guidelines; training epidemiologists in more than 100 countries on disease surveillance and response; distributing essential protection and treatment to hard-hit communities; advising on digital contact tracing; using existing health programs to ensure protection for vulnerable groups, such as those afflicted with other diseases; and leveraging existing supply chains for ongoing response. For more information, visit and our 2022 annual report.

Media Contact:

Sumon Ray

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