Partner With Us

Collaboration is at the core of all of our work. Through partnerships, we mobilize resources and expertise that are necessary to solve large-scale problems. As a neutral convener, we help build consensus and identify synergies for these partnerships to work effectively.

Currently, we serve as the secretariat or hub for eight major global health coalitions and expert committees including:

The Task Force provides an agile and responsive platform for the world’s leading global health and development agencies to increase their own impact. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation regularly call on The Task Force to assist with responses to global health priorities.


Our Core Competencies

  • Mobilizing coalitions to solve complex global health problems
  • Preventing, controlling, and eliminating neglected tropical diseases
  • Conducting operational research in support of disease control and elimination
  • Building disease surveillance capacity, including designing surveillance systems and training frontline health workers
  • Building health information systems for disease prevention and improved health
  • Identifying and securing pharmaceutical resources for global health needs
  • Managing pharmaceutical supply chains and logistics for disease control and elimination
  • Evaluating and managing global health programs
  • Designing and implementing public health informatics training programs

Let’s Work Together to Deliver High-Impact Solutions

We continue to grow our partnerships and are looking for like-minded organizations that share our commitment to global health equity and collaboration. If you think we would make good partners, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about working together. Please email


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