Our Work

The Task Force for Global Health consists of 13 programs focused on neglected tropical diseases, pandemic preparedness, polio eradication, field epidemiology training, public health informatics, health workforce development, and medical surplus recovery. The Task Force plays essential convening roles for its programs and helps them advocate to funders and partners. It also provides an agile and responsive administrative platform critical to ensuring programmatic success. A collaborative approach is common to all of our programs.

Impact Areas

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are burdens for many developing countries. These diseases cause blindness, disfigurement, cognitive impairment, stunted growth, and even death. We implement comprehensive programs to eliminate six NTDs – blinding trachoma, river blindness, lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), intestinal worms, leprosy, and schistosomiasis. We manage significant donations of antibiotic and antiparasitic medicines donated by pharmaceutical companies for the elimination of trachoma, river blindness, and lymphatic filariasis.

Pandemics are increasing threats to countries around the world. We are working with low- and middle-income countries to strengthen the systems necessary to immunize their populations quickly against influenza and other infectious diseases that could spread uncontrollably. We also are playing critical roles in the ‘last mile’ of polio eradication.

Our work to strengthen health systems focuses on supporting training programs for field epidemiologists in how to detect and respond to disease outbreaks and by improving the use of information to protect and promote health. We also help countries in sub-Saharan Africa build human resource information systems to improve management of their healthcare workforce.

Controlling and Eliminating Disease

Protecting the Health of Populations

Global Health at Home

While much of our work is focused outside of the United States, we believe global health encompasses all countries – developing and developed alike. In the United States, we assist public health departments with building strong immunization information record systems to ensure communities are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. Through the groundbreaking Digital Bridge initiative, we also support efforts to improve disease surveillance through better electronic data exchange.

The Task Force is a founding member of the Georgia Global Health Alliance (GGHA), which is supporting the development of global health as an economic sector in the state. GGHA plans to apply lessons learned from global health programs to help address public health issues in the state of Georgia.


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