Our Experts

The Task Force for Global Health consists of leading global health experts who can provide media with insight, analysis, and commentary on a wide array of global health topics (see below). To speak with one of our experts, contact Task Force Chief Communications and Development Officer Poul Olson at info@taskforce.org or call 404.371.0466. Sales solicitations are not accepted.

·       Cancer
·       Cholera
·       Collaboration in Global Health
·       Common Cold
·       Ebola
·       Enteroviruses
·       Field Epidemiology
·       Global Health
·       Gun Safety
·       Health Information Systems
·       Hepatitis
·       HIV
·       Human resources information systems
·       Informatics
·       Influenza
·       Injury Prevention
·       Immunizations
·       Learning Technology
·       Lymphatic Filariasis
·       Malaria
·       Measles
·       Neglected Tropical Diseases
·       Parasites
·       Polio
·       Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
·       Process Improvement
·       Public Health Practice
·       Public Health Training
·       Rabies
·       River Blindness
·       Road Safety
·       Rotavirus
·       Rubella
·       Soil-transmitted helminths
·       Trachoma
·       Vaccines
·       Violence Prevention


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