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April 29, 2019

Alan Hinman Honored with Award for Achievement in Vaccinology and Immunology

Alan Hinman, MD, MPH, Consulting Advisor at The Task Force’s Center for Vaccine Equity (CVE), recently received the prestigious Dr. Charles Mérieux Award from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases for his work in vaccinology and immunology.

The award, given annually, honors individuals whose lifetime contributions to the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases have led to significant improvement in public health. 

In his acceptance speech for the award (see video below), Hinman talks about some of his areas of interest including the control, elimination and eradication of measles, which is making a comeback globally including in the United States.

Hinman says the measles resurgence shows how much needs to be done before measles is completely eliminated, but he also points out that there has been an 84 percent reduction in measles deaths just since 2000. “I believe measles eradication is inevitable. I only hope it happens in my lifetime and since I am now 82, we better get started on it.”

Dr. Hinman established CVE in 2012 with a vision of a world free of vaccine-preventable diseases. 


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