Task Force at 40: Task Force launches the William H. Foege Collaboration Center at 40th Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta

Task Force Co-Founder and namesake of The William H. Foege Collaboration Center. Photo credit: Dean Hesse 2024 marks The Task Force’s 40th anniversary! Throughout this ...

Who is Cara Tupps?

(she/her) Cara works in the Center for Vaccine Equity at the Task Force for Global Health, where she is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation

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Who is Amanda Edwards?

(she/her) Amanda Edwards is the Program Associate with the CoVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Program (COVIP) under the Center for Vaccine Equity. She currently manages expenditures for

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Who is Mimi Puckett?

(she/her) Mimi Puckett currently serves as one of the Project Managers within the CoVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Program (CoVIP). She manages multiple subawards across various countries

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Who is Dorothy Ochieng?

(she/her) Dorothy Ochieng serves as a project manager at CoVIP. In this role, she supports implementing partners to plan, implement, and evaluate projects in various

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Who is Amanda Bolster?

(she/her) Amanda Bolster serves as Director of Communications and Development at The Task Force for Global Health (TFGH). She supports the communications, partnership and strategy

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Who is Asalif Belayneh?

(he/him) Asalif Belayneh currently works as Associate Director for the Task Force for Global Health’s CoVIP. His primary focus is coordinating technical support to low-

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Who is Dora Curry?

(she/they) In her current role as Director, Program Implementation in Task Force for Global Health’s Covid-19 Vaccine Implementation Program, Dora Curry leads project implementation for

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Who is Tony Mounts?

(he/him) Dr. Mounts originally trained in clinical medicine with specialization in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine with a sub-specialization in adult Infectious Diseases. After several years of

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Header photo caption: A drug distributor travels long distances to a remote village in Cameroon to get medicines for onchocerciasis (river blindness) and lymphatic filariasis to marginalized societies most in need.

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