Dr. Rina Mayela Ruiz Carbalo ,who has been a doctor since 2001, said, “People don’t need to be convinced. They want to do what keeps them healthy and their children healthy.”  She works at Centro de Salud Grenanda and goes into the community once a week to see patients who cannot come to the clinic. The Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction, a project of The Task Force for Global Health, is working with the Ministry of Health in Nicaragua to provide pregnant women and other high-risk groups with seasonal influenza vaccine.  Thur. March 23, 2017 (Photo by Billy Weeks)

Webinar: Compassion: An Engine for Primary Health Care

During the virtual event, “Compassion: An Engine for Primary Health Care,” Dr. Shams Syed, Head of Policy and Partnerships at WHO’s Special Programme on Primary …

Who is Hallelujah Anteneh?

(she/her) Hallelujah (Halle) currently works as a Communications Specialist for the TFGH’s Respiratory Virus Prevention Programs. She previously worked with the Focus Area for Compassion

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Who is Cara Tupps?

(she/her) Cara works in the Center for Vaccine Equity at the Task Force for Global Health, where she is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation

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Who is Amanda Edwards?

(she/her) Amanda Edwards is the Program Associate with the CoVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Program (COVIP) under the Center for Vaccine Equity. She currently manages expenditures for

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Who is Mimi Puckett?

(she/her) Mimi Puckett currently serves as one of the Project Managers within the CoVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Program (CoVIP). She manages multiple subawards across various countries

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Who is Dorothy Ochieng?

(she/her) Dorothy Ochieng serves as a project manager at CoVIP. In this role, she supports implementing partners to plan, implement, and evaluate projects in various

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Who is Amanda Bolster?

(she/her) Amanda Bolster serves as Director of Communications and Development at The Task Force for Global Health (TFGH). She supports the communications, partnership and strategy

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Who is Asalif Belayneh?

(he/him) Asalif Belayneh currently works as Associate Director for the Task Force for Global Health’s CoVIP. His primary focus is coordinating technical support to low-

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Who is Dora Curry?

(she/they) In her current role as Director, Program Implementation in Task Force for Global Health’s Covid-19 Vaccine Implementation Program, Dora Curry leads project implementation for

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Who is Tony Mounts?

(he/him) Dr. Mounts originally trained in clinical medicine with specialization in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine with a sub-specialization in adult Infectious Diseases. After several years of

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Header photo caption: A drug distributor travels long distances to a remote village in Cameroon to get medicines for onchocerciasis (river blindness) and lymphatic filariasis to marginalized societies most in need.

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