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March 29, 2018

The Task Force Moves Into New HQ With Eye to Increasing Program Impact

The last time The Task Force moved into a new building, George W. Bush was president and it had seven programs and 40 employees. Ten years later, The Task Force’s extraordinary growth of programs and staff have spurred its move to a new headquarters – one that is three times larger and can accommodate its… Read More

March 29, 2018

Program to Improve Quality of Medical Supplies and Equipment Donations Joins The Task Force

In 2010, Haiti received a flood of medical supplies and equipment donations after an earthquake ravaged the small island nation but much of the equipment was not requested or usable. Some of those donated devices, such as incubators for premature babies, would not work in Haiti’s hospitals because they required a higher electrical voltage than… Read More

March 29, 2018

Trailblazing the End of Trachoma: Four Reasons for Optimism in 2018

By Paul Emerson When the International Trachoma Initiative first opened its doors in 1998, there were many large knowledge gaps in the transmission and control of trachoma. We did know that people were going blind from an ancient scourge; that simple public health interventions could prevent blindness from trachoma; and that we had a new… Read More

March 26, 2018

Why is Global Health Security Important?

Task Force CEO Dave Ross talks about our role as “public health soldiers’ and why the United States must help other countries stop infectious diseases before they become epidemics and affect us all.   Donate Now

March 15, 2018

Celebrating 34 Years: A Message from Our CEO

On March 15, 1984, The Task Force for Global Health was formed at the Bellagio Conference for Protecting the World’s Children. Thirty-four years later, our CEO and President, Dave Ross, looks back at our journey and why we are dedicated to global health. Donate Now

February 28, 2018

The Task Force Joins Global Effort to Eliminate One of Humanity’s Oldest and Most Stigmatizing Diseases

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy focuses on increasing coordination and answering critical research questions The Task Force for Global Health has been chosen as the secretariat or hub for a new partnership to eliminate leprosy, a neglected tropical disease (NTD) that burdens more than an estimated 200,000 people each year. The Global Partnership for… Read More

February 27, 2018

Blog – Polio Eradication Is on the Horizon: What It Will Take to Finish the Job

By Mark McKinlay We are on the cusp of a historic moment for global public health. The potential exists for wild polio to be wiped out this year, becoming only the second human disease ever eradicated. Eradication of a disease is the ultimate goal of public health as it ensures everyone is permanently protected against… Read More

February 23, 2018

First Peek at The Task Force’s New Headquarters

 On February 12, 2018, we started a new chapter in our history by moving half of our staff into the top two floors of our new 90,000 sq. ft. facility. This new Decatur headquarters gives us the capacity to meet our existing programmatic needs and expand to other areas of global health where there… Read More

February 20, 2018

Slideshow – From the Airport to Arms: How A Flu Immunization Program Works in Mongolia

Seasonal flu vaccination programs can be a critical component to help countries combat disease outbreaks and pandemics. The Task Force’s Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction (PIVI) works with low and middle-income countries to build and develop their flu immunization programs. The systems used for these programs can be harnessed in the event of an outbreak… Read More

January 25, 2018

Rare Neurological Disorder Linked to Zika

A public health investigation supported by The Task Force for Global Health’s TEPHINET program has found a “causal relationship” between Zika infection and a rare, potentially life-threatening neurological disorder called Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). “At this point, we can fairly confidently say there is a strong – and probably a causal relationship – between Zika and… Read More

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