MedSurplus Alliance Members Respond to Hurricane Dorian Devastation

In a recent news broadcast, a Bahamian member of parliament indicated a specific need for hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical equipment to help address the mass-devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in August. The Director of Supplies Over Seas, a Medical Surplus Recovery Organization (MSRO), heard the plea and knew exactly what steps to take to provide Bahamians with some of the most urgently needed supplies.

When a natural disaster occurs, the immediate response is to send the most convenient in-kind donations available. However, this approach is not always the most helpful and can often cause more harm than good. The Task Force for Global Health’s MedSurplus Alliance (MSA) program ensures MSROs are following the proper guidelines and steps to guarantee in-kind donations are usable, respond to the actual need, and are not causing an additional burden.

By following the appropriate procedures, MSA members are able to respond quickly to the specific needs of clinics and hospitals in the Bahamas, post-Hurricane Dorian, with confidence that the donations sent are doing the most good and addressing the exact needs of recipients.

Before donating materials or going on volunteer missions to respond to the disaster in the Bahamas, make sure you are following the Bahamian Governments’ requests by completing their Volunteer Form and reviewing MSA’s Emergency Donation Guidelines so you can provide relief responsibly and ethically 

Watch to learn more about how Supplies Over Seas is responding to Hurricane Dorian.

Photo Caption: A Supplies Over Seas warehouse operator moves hospital mattresses to a loading dock so that they can be sent to a clinic in the Bahamas along with other requested supplies to provide relief for patients. UPS is working with the MSRO to get the supplies to the Bahamas. Photo courtesy of Supplies Over Seas.

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