Report from Sri Lanka: Hope for People Living with Lymphedema

In honor of World Lymphedema Day, The Task Force journeyed to Sri Lanka to hear from persons affected by filarial lymphedema – a condition caused by the neglected tropical disease, lymphatic filariasis – and a Sri Lankan research team about The Task Force’s Neglected Tropical Diseases Support Center’s (NTD-SC) promising LEDoxy Clinical Trials.

The trials are testing the drug doxycycline to see if it can relieve the suffering and disfigurement of people living with lymphedema by reducing the swelling and acute attacks that persons affected experience.

Sri Lanka is one of three sites supported by USAID through NTD-SC in this effort to find hope for the 40 million people who live with this disfigurement. Mali and India are the other two sites collaborating on these USAID-funded clinical trials. Additional sites of the trial, funded by the German government, are being led by the University of Bonn. The 2-year study will be completed at the end of this year with results to be published soon after.

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