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We focus on the people behind health statistics by centering compassion and ethics in global health practice.

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Where Compassion Meets Ethics


Compassion inspires and sustains our work. Ethics helps us understand what to do and how to do it.

Compassion enables us to see a whole person or community, not just the parts relevant to a given intervention. This deep experience of shared humanity and solidarity is needed to grasp the importance of ethical decision-making. We look to principles of social justice, human rights, and equity to shape our ethical frameworks in global health.

 What can we do better?

How can we better understand a community’s needs?

How can we positively impact the communities we engage?

We work to raise awareness, generate evidence, and provide support & build capacity, across diverse projects with partners around the world.

These are a few of our many projects:

Compassion & Primary Health Care

FACE and the WHO have launched a new collaboration on compassion as the engine for primary health care.

Global Health Compassion Rounds

FACE and the WHO engage the global health community in a webinar series to share experiences, challenge ideas, and spark thinking.

Measuring Compassion

Our January 2020 Epidemiology of Compassion & Love meeting served as a springboard into many new exciting projects related to measuring compassion.

Compassion & the SDGs

We have been working to develop a compassion narrative for the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Join our social media campaign to reposition compassion as a central driver to achieve the SDGs.

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