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Five Years of FACE: The Task Force’s Unique Focus on Compassion and Ethics

The Task Force for Global Health co-founder, Dr. William H. Foege, called for public health practitioners to ‘see the faces’ of the people behind the population health data.

Flipping the Script on Compassion in Global Health

These staff and volunteers sacrifice their personal comfort to alleviate the suffering of their fellow community members.

FACE Director Discusses Compassion of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Trachoma Program Review

April 23, 2024 | Recently our founder and director, Dr. David Addiss, spoke at the Twenty-Fifth Annual Trachoma Program Review meeting held at The Carter Center.

How We Share Stories of Compassionate Care

February 2, 2024 | How does compassion alleviate suffering and promote flourishing in healthcare settings?

Targeting Gender-Related Barriers to Health as UN Focuses on Gender Equality

30 March 2022 | While a focus on gender is inherent in some global health efforts such as family planning and maternal health, all efforts to improve health and well-being can benefit from using a gender lens to illuminate key issues and opportunities.

Heart-to-Heart: Ethiopian Doctor Uses Compassion + Medical Training to Fight NTDs

26 January 2022 | In 30 years of practice, Dr. Zerihun Tadesse has touched nearly every part of the Ethiopian health system. In recent years, Zerihun has developed a new appreciation for something he learned, not through his medical training, but as a boy from his mother: compassion.

FACE: Where Compassion Meets Ethics in Global Health

20 January 2021 | At FACE, we believe our dual identity is a source of strength. We consider compassion our ‘animating force’ and ethics our ‘guiding framework.’

A Compassionate Approach to Mental Health During COVID-19

18 December 2020 | Given the far-reaching impact of the pandemic on mental health, what role might compassion play in addressing it? Could a compassionate response to our collective suffering help cultivate a greater sense of shared humanity?

Addressing the Mental Health Burden of COVID-19

19 November 2020 | The Task Force’s Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics (FACE) is collaborating with partners to address the growing burden of stress suffered by health care and public health workers, both in the United States and globally. 

Structural Racism: A Massive Barrier to Achieving Health Equity

27 August 2020 | ‘Structural racism’ describes reinforcing and overlapping systems of housing, education, employment, health care, and other institutions that create unjust racial hierarchies. All of these systems, when designed to marginalize certain groups, work in tandem to hinder well-being and flourishing.

Compassion: A Catalyst for Racial Justice?

19 June 2020 | Social justice and health equity are central goals and core values in the field of global health. These goals won’t be realized until we address the root causes of racism.

Challenging Stigma with Compassion During COVID-19

15 April 2020 | Stigma, and the division of humans into ‘in’ and ‘out’ groups, is part of our evolutionary history. But why do we resolve to stigmatize and dehumanize others during crisis, in particular?

Podcast: Stories of Impact

Compassion in Healthcare & Flourishing with Dr. David Addiss

Dr. Addiss has spent his career thinking not only about science, but about service. In his early career, he cared for the health of migrants in the San Joaquin Valley of California, then later worked for nearly two decades the Centers for Disease Control in the Division of Parasitic Diseases, where he focused on controlling and eliminating diseases found not in the United States, but in communities of neglected people largely in the tropics. Hear what inspired him to spend his career caring for the needs of underserved and neglected people.

Part One: A Case for Compassion in Sustainable Development Goals

Dr. Addiss is back for another evocative discussion about compassion, and he’s joined by his research colleagues Heather Buesseler, Dr. Liz Grant, and Dr. Corinne Reid. In this conversation, these four public health experts discuss their research findings around the role of compassion in the international effort to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Part Two: Systemic Compassion

In our last episode with Dr. David Addiss, Heather Buesseler, Dr. Liz Grant, and Dr. Corinne Reid, we learned that the SDGs were motivated by a compassionate desire to end global human suffering across a variety of sectors. This week we’re back with these four researchers, as they offer more personal insight about what draws them to study the science of compassion. 

Podcast: Common Thread

Is Compassion the Cure?

ommon Thread’s Michael Coleman and Regina Madanguit sit down with Dr. David Addiss, the director of the Focus Area of Compassion and Ethics (FACE) at the Task Force for Global Public Health to discuss the importance of compassion in achieving the sector’s goals.

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