Nurses prepare to administer seasonal influenza vaccine at Chansavang Health Centre near Vientiane, Lao PDR.  The Partnership of Influenza Vaccine Introduction (PIVI), a project of The Task Force for Global Health, partnered with the Ministry of Health in Laos PDR to provide seasonal influenza vaccine for pregnant women and other high-risk groups during an immunization campaign that took place between Jan. 16-26, 2017. Photo date: Jan. 23, 2017. Photographer: Billy Weeks

About Ethics


At FACE, we are reframing global health ethics as a pathway to impact and equity, moving beyond strictly academic or procedural assessments to provide pragmatic guidance on ethical approaches to solving complex global health problems.


Our Approach to Ethics

We are working to elevate and embed ethics in day-to-day public health practice through:

Convening question


Gathering key stakeholders—from district health officers to industry scientists—to deliberate and co-develop solutions to tough challenges that threaten health equity


Providing real-time guidance and support for public health practitioners and programs grappling with ethical questions and considerations


Investigating new areas of ethical inquiry through grounded research methods and fieldwork.

Education & Training

Building capacity and skills among public health practitioners, enabling the workforce to discern how to overcome ethical challenges when they arise.


Ethical Action

We are deepening our understanding of ethical challenges in global health, developing tools and strategies to better support public health practitioners in their day-to-day work, and directly addressing injustice in global health.

Challenges such as:


Ethics Webinar Series

In 2023, we launched an Ethics Lunch and Learn Series at the Task Force for Global Health to spark discourse and awareness through the examination of provocative ethical questions and dilemmas in global health.

Click on our reports to learn more about important and evolving topics in global health ethics.

Stigma in Global Health

In our inaugural Lunch & Learn, we focused on stigma as a key ethical challenge in global health. Our colleagues at the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy and Compassionate Atlanta shared their experiences with addressing stigma. 

Evolving Partnerships

This Ethics Lunch & Learn is the first of a new four-part series on the core values of the Task Force.

In this session, we discussed the evolving nature of partnerships and our responsibility to respond to shifting needs and expectations. Colleagues from several Task Force programs shared their experiences, perspectives, and questions while exploring various themes including equity, sustainability, capacity exchange, shared commitments, and decolonization.

Challenging our Moral High Ground

In this session, we examined the intense online response to the protocol for the study, Preventing Infant Malnutrition with Early Supplementation (PRIMES), which involved formula supplementation in Africa, published in PLOS One. In this case, online commenters condemned the research, and accusations of unethical conduct spread quickly, spilling over into social media.

Recent Publications

The need for greater attention to ethical reasoning in global health programming: Insights from global health program leaders’ experiences of moral ambiguity (Coming Soon)

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Cascading failures in COVID-19 vaccine equity (Science Magazine, 2023)

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