Ensuring Other Diseases Are Not Left Behind

The coronavirus pandemic has halted or reduced existing health programs in many places, increasing people’s risk for measles, polio, malaria and other diseases. In response, The Task Force for Global Health’s new Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition, initially intended to maximize the impact of global health campaigns, is tracking programs’ status and providing COVID-19 guidance.

Coalition members will share effective practices across public health outreach programs, such as neglected tropical diseases, malaria, immunizations and vitamin A supplements, and discuss opportunities for new approaches in coordination with routine health services. The Coalition will work on common issues such as

  • When and how countries decide to restart campaigns and lessons learned from those who are starting up
  • What additional operational delivery costs are required to ensure the safety of health workers and who’s going to support them
  • What impact COVID-19 is having on health-seeking behavior and where can campaigns  collaborate on communications and messaging
  • Which campaigns should be prioritized to avoid overwhelming health workers, communities and delivery systems

To learn more please visit the Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition page. 

Header photo caption: Members of a community in Cameroon wait to take part in a routine health campaign that aims to reduce the prevalence of river blindness in their community.

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