Karen Ernst

Director, Voices for Vaccines

Karen Ernst is the Director of Voices for Vaccines. She is a nationally known expert in building vaccine confidence through peer-to-peer networking and interactions. Much of her work involves creating alliances between families and partner organizations in order to increase vaccine uptake and reimagine advocacy work. Voices for Vaccines is respected for its creative use of podcasting, social media, online learning, and advocacy training –in order to pioneer the increase of vaccine acceptance.
Prior to her work at The Task Force, Ms. Ernst was an English teacher, having taught written composition at St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, MN, and English classes at the high school level. She also wrote a history of the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and created their Speaker’s Bureau handbook. Personal experiences with vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccine hesitancy brought her into the advocacy world and to The Task Force.
Ms. Ernst holds a Master of Arts degree in English literature and writing from Hamline University in Saint Paul, MN.
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