James Mahoney

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now raising his three children in Oakland, James Mahoney, 60, has always believed in the call to give back to others.

Mahoney and his family have invested in The Task Force’s work for many years, focusing on supporting efforts to eliminate neglected tropical diseases and improve equal access to vaccines.

“I know we take for granted in the United States the high-quality health care that we have if you have access to it, and that is not always true elsewhere,” said Mahoney. “So when I was looking for ways to donate, I was looking for charities that focus on health-related issues, vaccinations in poorer countries, and helping to provide basic health care in other countries.”

An accountant for nearly 40 years at Ernst and Young and various software companies, Mahoney said that his motivation to “give back” comes from his faith as a Catholic and his realization that “I’ve been very blessed and trying to share that.”


He learned about The Task Force from an online search.

“The more I investigated, the more impressed I became with the breadth and depth of the work that The Task Force does and also just the very positive comments that I read from people who were familiar with the charity and the work,” said Mahoney.

Earlier this year, the significance of global health work hit home when his entire family came down with COVID-19.

Throughout that period and during the last two years spent mostly at home due to the pandemic, he credits his family with helping him persevere.

“Focusing on the family, trying to keep everybody healthy, educating the kids at home, and also just trying to keep the kids from getting upset,” he said, summing up an experience that people can relate to all around the world.

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Photos courtesy of James Mahoney and The Task Force.

Photos courtesy of James Mahoney and The Task Force.

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