Your Donation Helps us Help Millions

Whether it is by delivering drugs to a community facing an outbreak of disease, assuring the equitable use of vaccines everywhere, or supporting information systems used by public health officials at the state and local levels, The Task Force programs and projects help millions of people around the world.  Our programs work in partnership with public and private sector entities around the world, helping distribute much needed medicines to protect people from deadly and debilitating diseases, advocating for education about the prevention and management of preventable disease and infection, and supporting community public health goals and the broader goal of global public health equity.

The above are just some of the ways that your contribution supports The Task Force for Global Health. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to address global health challenges facing people around the world. You can learn more about our work, our partnerships, and our innovations here.

Our supporters have become part of a network of contributors who commit their resources and energies to the work of the Task Force. We sincerely appreciate these contributions and we are honored to use these gifts to improve global health through innovation and collaboration.

 The Task Force for Global Health Meets all 20 Charity Standards established by the Better Business Bureau.