Task Force Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and Officers for The Task Force for Global Health, Inc. provide an array of expertise critical to our mission and work in global health. We appreciate their dedication, commitment, and knowledge in support of our goal to improve the health of millions of people in communities around the world.
The Task Force Board of Directors:
Jane Fugate Thorpe, JD, Chair
Sir George Alleyne, MD, FRCP
Paula Lawton Bevington, JD
James W. Curran, MD, MPH
Teri Plummer McClure, JD
Charles H. “Pete” McTier
Amb. (Ret.) Mary Ann Peters
David A. Ross, ScD
Carol L. Walters, Treasurer

Emeritus Members of The Task Force Board of Directors:

William H. Foege, MD, MPH 
John B. Hardman, MD
Howard H. Hiatt, MD 
James T. Laney, PhD  
Mary Laney Reilly, MTS
David Satcher, MD, PhD