Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction



The Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction (PIVI)                                                 Visit the web site
A Project of The Task Force for Global Health

PIVI works with low and lower-middle income countries to develop sustainable influenza vaccine programs to reduce the burden of influenza globally. This is accomplished  through a collaboration among ministries of health (MoH), CDC, The Task Force for Global Health, the private sector, academic and NGO partners who work together to procure and distribute influenza vaccine and evaluate the impact of vaccination in recipient countries.  Building on two successful years of a pilot Vaccine Donation Project, the Partnership will expand in 2013-4 as PIVI, to engage new countries and new donors. 

In 2012, the Laos Influenza Vaccine Donation Project was established as a successful partnership among the Lao PDR MoH, WHO office in Laos, WHO-Western Pacific Regional Office, CDC, and Walgreens Company. Walgreens donated 375,000 doses of influenza vaccine, valued at more than $9M to the project. UPS provided cold chain security and transport at a reduced cost to the project.  In 2013 the project expanded to include pilot programs in Nicaragua and Uganda.    The US Air Force donated 5,000 doses of flu vaccine froim bases in Kadena, Japan.   In the first two years of the program nearly 500,000 doses of flu vaccine were delivered.  Click here to learn more about the launch of this program.

Looking forward in 2014 PIVI plans to expand the Partnership to include new donors to support influenza vaccination programs in additional eligible countries through funding, in-kind and other support.  Contributions from donor partners catalyze countries’ ability to reduce the impact of flu on the most vulnerable members of their population.  Development of country influenza program sustainability plans, achievement of objective milestones and program evaluation are integral to the success of PIVI.  For more details about the 2013 distribution of vaccine to Laos and Nicaragua click here.  

The program is led by Dr. Alan R. Hinman, Director for Programs of the Center for Vaccine Equity in partnership with Dr. Joseph Bresee, chief of the Epidemiology and Prevention Branch in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD). 

For more information on the project and its partners click here.