Past Programs & Projects

In the beginning of the Task Force, we focused on helping the original sponsors and other partners develop immunization projects in developing countries. This work led us to establish other programs to support global health initiatives. In these initiatives, the Task Force worked closely with the communities and partners to define the vision, establish goals. Once the effort was firmly underway, the Task Force stepped back and let the local partners take the lead. In this way, the Task Force held to its history as an organization founded for a specific purpose and not a self-perpetuating entity. The Task Force role in these initiatives lasted until the work was complete and/or once the resources were established to support the vision.

Over the years, the Task Force has been the neutral convener for a broad range of global health initiatives. Our work has been in emerging areas such as global road traffic safety, global health challenges such as the control of tuberculosis, and programs for broad public health issues such as child development.