Dionisio Herrera- Guibert - TEPHINET

Director - TEPHINET
325 Swanton Way

Prior to joining the TEPHINET, Dr. Herrera-Guibert was the Academic Director of the Spain Field Epidemiology Training Programs and a member of the Alert Unit for Rapid Response at the Institute of Health Carlos III Ministry of Health and Consume in Madrid Spain. He also served as Field Epidemiology Senior at the Institute of Public Health of Autonomous Community of Madrid, where he was a consultant to the Field Epidemiology Training Program. During this time, he worked on development of field investigation in epidemiology and related investigation activities in the evaluation of epidemiological systems. Other positions held by Dr. Herrera-Guibert  include consultant to the Minister of Health and Assistant Doctor of Family Medicine at the Ministry of Public Health, Havana, Cuba and as a Medical Doctor, Head of Residents, and Specialist of Community and Family Medicine at the National Reference Center for Primary Attention in Cuba. Dr. Herrera-Guibert  also served as a member of the TEPHINET Board in 2007, and is an Associate Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid. He has spent several years as a medical practitioner in Zambia and Guine Bissau.