Our Team

The Task Force legacy has been to shine the light on the work of our partners. The global health community knows the Task Force as the organization founded by public health pioneer and former CDC Director Bill Foege in 1985. Established as the Task Force for Child Survival, Dr. Foege was solicited as a neutral convener to help four global health organizations in the quest to improve childhood immunization rates in Africa. Dr. Foege, along with those early partners, had the vision to see the value of helping those in need by working across sectors, boundaries, and organizations.

Our mission has expanded beyond Child Survival over the last 27 years with new programs and initiatives to improve global health for the bottom billion.  Today, The Task Force for Global Health continues in that role of neutral convener, staying behind the scenes and putting our partner organizations in the spotlight. Through a broad range of initiatives throughout our history, the Task Force has contributed to the global health community through research, information, and program management services. This section presents the staff behind these contributions.